Our Products

We have the best products for outdoor advertising, each one designed according to your needs


Billboards are advertisements located on the main avenues of the city. The screen dimensions are 12.91 m x 7.80 m, with an area of 100 m2.

We ensure the effective transmission of your message and value proposition. We understand that this is essential to capture your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds and achieve a profitable billboard advertising campaign.

Heavy traffic

Boost your campaign

National Coverage

Static Billboard

This way is very versatile and has qualities very similar to billboards, but it differs in that production is much cheaper. We recommended to change prints every 30 or 60 days, using it for shorter promotions compared to billboards.



Most Value places

Creative possibilities




Electronic screens are perfect for advertising events, advertising campaigns, product launches, etc. Our screens are strong and versatile communication tools that offer you total flexibility in presenting your message.

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