Outdoor advertising design

When it comes to outdoor advertising, simplicity and clarity are essential.

The audience often sees these ads while on the move, so grabbing their attention in an instant is crucial.


Simplicity and clarity:  Outdoor advertising should be easy to understand at a glance, as people view it while on the move. Keep the message simple and clear.

Size and readability:  Ensure that the text and images are large enough to be legible from a distance. Use legible fonts and high-contrast colors.

Concise message:  Limit the text to the essential message. A brief and memorable slogan can be more effective than a long paragraph.

High-quality images:  If you use images, make sure they are high resolution and look good at a large scale.

Call to action (CTA):  Include a clear CTA that instructs people on what action to take after seeing the ad. For example, «Visit us today» or «Call now.»

Visible brand:  Ensure that your logo and brand identity are present and recognizable.

Prioritize readability:  Choose typefaces that are easy to read from a distance. Sans-serif fonts are often a safe choice due to their simplicity and clarity.

Examples include Arial, Helvetica, and Roboto.

Large size:  Increase the text size more than you think is necessary. It should be large enough to be legible from a considerable distance.

Contrast:  Use high-contrast colors between the text and the background to ensure that the words stand out. For example, white text on a black background or vice versa is often effective.

Spacing and kerning:  Ensure there is enough space between letters (spacing) and that the spacing between pairs of letters (kerning) is uniform and doesn’t cause confusion

Contrast is a powerful tool for directing the viewer’s attention and communicating effectively. By using contrast appropriately, you can ensure that the key elements of your design stand out and are easily identifiable, which is especially important in advertising, graphic design, and visual communication.

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