Who We Are

Our firm was founded in 1990 in Chihuahua City and nearby cities, it started with the idea to install billboards in the most important avenues of each city, this so it can reach all the people which travel in vehicles or on foot. One of the first innovations from the company was to standardize the billboard dimensions, so the client's ads can rotate strategically this knowledge has origin in Florida. 6 years later we offer coverage in Ciudad Juarez, Chih. making it a full state coverage.

Knowing the potential Mexico City has, in January of 2000 we open offices in Mexico City with the end to attract national clients and offer them an immediate respond to its needs, conforming it till today the half of our potential clients, making ourselves on of the most important supplier of direct clients and media center.

Today Roger Sistemas Exteriores is accomplishing more than 26 years of experience, making us a company which can offer a national presence, by being the second most bigger in the north of Mexico and the sixth in all Mexican territory, with Billboards, Mobile Billboards, Street Billboards, Digital and expanding to other out of home advertising.


Be the leading company in the outdoor advertising market, by being unique for our “Roger customer service” in which each one of our clients can meet up with their advertising expectations in time and place. We are convinced that our customer service is the difference in our market, and Roger is compromised with a quality service.


Be the best option to satisfy the needs of our clients providing them with outdoor advertising spaces in all Mexican territory, located in the most important cities to achieve the best coverage in our market, with quality and security, so we can be our client’s first option, adapting our advertising to reach in our clients target market.